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Magnificent 7 Race Series

2024 Mag 7 Race Series

Standards for Series Races

The Mag 7 does not manage/direct any races. Each race included in our Series is an autonomous race, run by an independent race director who sets their own race logistics (including categories for race awards). However, all races that are part of our Series have agreed to abide by a set of minimum standards in exchange for being accepted as a Series race.

Race Organization

  • Races may not be a part of any other formal race series. The Mag 7 Committee will consider exceptions to this policy, if the race meets all other requirements and has a unique element that could enhance the Series experience.
  • A benefitting organization or individual (i.e. the entity receiving the proceeds from a race) may only have 1 race included in the Series.
  • A race director may serve multiple races in the Series, as long as each race has a different benefitting organization or individual.

Race Structure

  • Races must be no longer than 10K to be considered for the Series. If a given race event offers multiple race distances within this guideline, only one of those distances can be included in the Series.
  • Races must include a separate competition category for Walkers. If possible, race directors are encouraged to schedule the start of the Walk for at least 5 or 10 minutes prior to the Run.

Race Registration

  • Race directors must offer an online registration option. 
  • Race directors are responsible for setting up their own registration, using the website of their choice. 
  • The online registration link must be supplied to the Series a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the race date.
  • Advance registration must close no earlier than 48 hours prior to the race start.
  • The advance entry fee cannot exceed $25 per person, not including any online processing fees. This amount will be reevaluated by the Mag 7 Committee on an annual basis and may be adjusted upward in future years.
  • Advance registration must include a no-shirt option (if shirts are offered). This option must give entrants a minimum discount of $5 off of the advance race entry fee, if selected.

Race Results

  • Race results must be provided to the Series within 48 hours of the race’s conclusion. These results must include the following for all participants:
    • Name
    • Race category (i.e. run or walk)
    • Age on race day
    • Gender
    • Finish time
    • Overall finish place
    • Email addresses for all advance registrants, and same-day registrants when possible, are to be provided to the Series within 7 days of the race’s conclusion.

Race Mismanagement

If a race fails to comply with the Series rules for Race Organization, Structure, Registration, Results, or if there are incidents of serious race mismanagement due to factors within the race director’s control (i.e. problems that are within a race director’s control, for example: no water provided, lack of appropriate signage/direction, significant differences between advertised and actual distance), the Mag 7 committee will make a determination on whether the race should be removed from the Series or issued a warning.

  • If the incident (for which a warning has already been issued) is repeated in the subsequent year, the race will be removed from the Series.
  • If the incident (for which a warning has already been issued) is fully rectified but a different incident occurs in the subsequent year, a second warning will be issued. 
  • If a race experiences serious mismanagement incidents for three consecutive years, regardless of whether the incidents are of the same or different types, the race will be removed from the Series.
  • Once a decision has been made by the Mag 7 committee, it is final.

If a race has been removed from the Series due to failure to comply with Series rules or serious mismanagement incidents…

  • The race will be ineligible for inclusion in the Series during the subsequent calendar year.
  • If a race is interested in rejoining the Series in the future, it must provide assurances, to the satisfaction of the Mag 7 Committee, that the issue(s) that led to its removal have been fully rectified. 

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